Tin can lanterns

Little lanterns made from old tin cans are simple and so effective.

Marbled rocks

These pretty rocks make great paperweights and cool decorations.

Smart cookie!

Macinley Butson has come up with a new invention every year since she was seven. Charlotte spoke with this busy uni student about winning awards, failing exams, solving Rubik’s cubes and more.

More good stuff

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‘For a Christmas present I got a Kookie subscription, and ever since I got my first issue I have been obsessed! I can’t wait until the next issue comes out!’
– SUMMER, 10

Kitchen science

You can’t usually see DNA with your own eyes, but it has a physical form and you can even extract it from organisms. Here’s how to do it yourself at home.

Free as a bird

Kirli Saunders is an author and a poet who was inspired by a motorbike ride to write a book. Charlotte and Maeve met with Kirli to talk about bikes, books and birds!