Inside issue 13 …

Kookie teamed up with GIRL GUIDES for our latest exclusive interview, with the fabulous Guides from Highton in Victoria quizzing youth advocate, ‘human megaphone’ and all-round inspiration YASMIN POOLE for us. Inside, you will also find:

•  FAMILY TIES, exploring life as a tween through the generations
•  RAD GIRLS on the move – meet a dancer, skateboard inventor and pilot!
•  MAKE IT, super-easy wreaths for the silly season and beyond
•  TALES OF THE GREAT INDOORS, an original short story by Alice Wroe
•  KITCHEN SCIENCE, make a simple lava lamp (and find out how it works)
•  SHARP EDGES, a comic about sibling torment by Kristyna Baczynski
•  GIVE IT A GO, try trampolining
•  HERO OF HERSTORY, discover La Pola in an illustrated story by Madeleine Karutz
•  QUIZ, what kind of gift giver are you?
•  Pull-out POSTER

Plus regulars

•  DEBATE, should girls and boys play on the same sports teams?
•  THE WEB, how mighty ants play an big part on our planet
•  GROAN, readers share their most embarrassing moments!
•  ASK CATHY problem page
•  PUZZLES + lots more!

+ + +