Inside issue 15 …

Meet scientist and recycling revolutionary PROFESSOR VEENA SAHAJWALLA, interviewed by Ella (13), and read all about her brilliant waste-busting inventions. Inside this issue, you’ll also find:

•  NEWS FLASH, the inside scoop on how to become a news reporter
•  THE SECRET BEACH, a comic of discovery with sisters Sam and Kayla
•  HOW TO GROW A PLANET (in six steps, and 3–10 million years)
•  TRIP OF A LIFETIME, a family outing packs drama in this short story
•  MAKE IT, get creative with super-simple safety pin bracelets
•  HERO OF HISTORY, Alice Milliat founded the Women’s Olympics
•  GIVE IT A GO, try rollerskating
•  QUIZ, what kind of friend are you?
•  Pull-out POSTER

Plus regulars

•  DEBATE, do students learn useful subjects at school?
•  THE WEB, explore the colour blue (one of the rarest colours in nature)
•  GROAN, readers share their most embarrassing moments!
•  ASK CATHY problem page
•  PUZZLES + lots more!

+ + +