Inside issue 12 …

Pre-teen reporters Aurie, Georgia and Maddison chat with JESSICA WEGENER from the Firesticks Alliance about the ancient practice of cultural burning – and why it’s so important today. You’ll also find:

•  How to BE YOU and grow up fearless
•  RAD GIRLS who make stuff!
•  RAIN, the tale of a brave escape based on real events by Michelle Aung Thin
•  MIRRORS, a manga comic about a coming-of-age trial by Queenie Chan
•  GIVE IT A GO, discover orienteering
•  HERO OF HISTORY, meet freedom fighter Harriet Tubman
•  QUIZ, what’s your inner animal?
•  MAKE IT, how to create cool macrame plant hangers
•  Pull-out POSTER by artist Tonia Composto

Plus regulars

•  DEBATE, do parents really know best?
•  CHANGE IT, how a plant-based diet is good for the planet
•  GROAN, readers share their most embarrassing moments!
•  ASK CATHY problem page
•  PUZZLES + lots more!

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